CHARLESTON, S.C – Deon Tedder, candidate for Senate District 42 in Charleston, today announced a comprehensive plan to make Charleston more affordable and to increase economic mobility for all residents.

“The cost of living in Charleston is rising, and it is making it difficult for many families to afford housing, childcare, and other basic necessities,” said Tedder. “This is especially true for low-income families and families of color, but I believe that we can take action to make Charleston more affordable and to increase economic mobility for all residents.”

Tedder’s plan includes the following components:

  • Affordable and low-income housing: Tedder will advocate for the implementation of affordable and low-income housing policies, along with the development of new affordable housing units and the preservation of existing ones utilizing accommodation tax funding from legislation passed by the General Assembly this year. This will increase the supply of affordable and attainable housing in Charleston and help alleviate the burden on low-income families.
  • Workforce development: Tedder recognizes the importance of workforce development in preparing residents for in-demand jobs. To ensure that Charleston residents are equipped with the necessary skills for future employment, he will prioritize investing in education and training programs, and providing assistance with job placement.
  • Support for small businesses, including women and minority-owned businesses: Small businesses play a crucial role in driving economic growth and job creation within our community. Tedder aims to support small businesses by developing programs that offer grants, loans, and technical assistance, empowering small businesses to thrive. Tedder will also fight for state funding for the Charleston and North Charleston women and minority-owned business incubators.
  • The Union Pier development: The Union Pier development is a great opportunity to make Charleston more affordable and increase economic mobility. If done correctly, the development will provide much-needed affordable housing units, create jobs, and boost the local economy all while opening up public access to the waterfront. Tedder is committed to ensuring that the Union Pier development is done at a scale that is consistent with the fabric of our city and that the project is inclusive and provides opportunities for small businesses to participate.
  • Addressing the racial wealth gap: Addressing the racial wealth gap is vital to promoting economic mobility in Charleston. To tackle this disparity, Tedder will advocate for initiatives that offer financial literacy education and expand credit accessibility to underserved communities.
  • Raising the minimum wage: It’s also evident that the minimum wage falls short of covering the true cost of living in Charleston. Tedder will draft legislation to raise the minimum wage to a level that reflects the actual cost of living in Charleston, enabling workers to meet their basic needs and support their families.

“I believe that these policies will make a real difference in the lives of Charleston residents,” said Tedder. “I am committed to making Charleston more affordable and to increasing economic mobility for all residents, regardless of their socioeconomic background.”