NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – Deon Tedder, candidate for Senate District 42, today called for the protection and upholding of the Small, Disadvantaged, Minority Business Program (SDMB) in North Charleston. The program, which was created in 2017, aims to encourage more contracts between the city and local businesses making under $500,000 annually.

“The recent affirmative action decision by the U.S. Supreme Court is important in the context of college admissions, but it should not undermine efforts to encourage diversity and inclusivity in local business procurement,” said Deon Tedder. “The SDMB program’s primary goal of promoting contracts with businesses making under $500,000 annually should remain intact while the city works on addressing any concerns related to the program’s title to ensure its effectiveness and legality.”

“There have already been attacks in the general assembly on efforts for businesses to be diverse and inclusive of all,” said Tedder. “It’s no secret that oftentimes our minority and women owned businesses are left out of many discussions when it comes to procurement in this state and that is a problem that needs addressing.”

“If elected to serve in Senate District 42, I will work on finding solutions to increase participation and success in the SDMB program, rather than abandoning its fundamental objectives,” Tedder concluded.